Senior Designer, Brand Communications

Job scope of Verso & Recto Senior Designer, Brand Communications

Our firm is looking for a Senior Designer, Brand Communications, who can conceive and implement visual marketing programs that range from print media to digital presentations. The senior designer will be responsible for developing engaging content for our clients that tells a story and elicits an emotional response from readers. The successful candidate will work closely with the business, brand development and marketing personnel to deliver content that exceeds our clients’ expectations.


  • Initiate and design complex and simple marketing plans based on client specifications
  • Ensure that each project has the specific financial and personnel resources it requires to be successful
  • Attend sales presentations to help clients understand the creative angle of each marketing programme
  • Work with the executive team to implement marketing materials for the firm to help increase the firm’s exposure
  • Collaborate with design personnel to ensure that all creative ideas are presented properly

Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing required (Preferred)
  • 5+ years’ experience in a marketing/Branding leadership role
  • Proven success in managing marketing/branding teams
  • Portfolio of previous work that displays an ability to turn an idea into a visual piece
  • Strong communication and computer skills
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite a plus
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the marketing design process

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