Born to Be Bold

Expect the Extraordinary

Like beauty, luxury lies in the eye of the beholder. Biography strives to exceed every expectation, keeping an eye on the littlest details to ensure guests an odyssey like no other. Pledging to inspire its guests as soon as they step into its trajectory, Biography proves why its address is exceptionally desired by those with refined tastes.

Relentless Legacy

Inspired by prominent personalities who have soared to greatness, Biography is the embodiment of ambition, willpower and steadfastness, reflecting a chronicle of uplifting legacy. Strengthened by the 5 essential components of Library, Talk, Gallery, Film and Exhibition, the Time Capsule holds the key to inspiration that Biography is truly proud of.

What’s in the Brand DNA?

The dragon, a legendary icon across cultures and civilizations, symbolizes boldness, gallantry, and relentless spirit of a leader. We combined this imagery with “Biography”: personal anecdotes, legacy, the embodiment of ambition and willpower.


Sharp, confident, opulent – these are components that shape Biography’s Brand Identity. Deliverables include copper-toned stationery over stark black and white, perfectly aligned with the elite and vanguards of various fields.

Total Brand Integration

Strategy + Planning + Naming + Advertising + Environmental

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