Loama Resort

Setting the Standard
in the Maldives

Sun, Sea, Sand.
What Gives Loama Its Unique ‘Spark’?

The soul that keeps it alive. Featuring 105 elegantly appointed beachfront and over-water guestrooms, this untainted slice of paradise offers guests the idyllic beauty of crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and a vibrant soul: the history and legacy of the past, present and future.

The Soul as Origin

Located in the midst of The Maldives’ historical Raa Atoll, Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili is the first ever resort outside of Malé to be awarded with an official license by the Maldivian Department of Heritage to operate a museum.

The resort weaves cultural heritage, natural wonders and an idyllic island lifestyle into a rich tapestry of unforgettable experiences, complemented by impeccable service and authentic product offerings.


Implementing total brand integration, we developed Loama’s Brand DNA, Brand Essence, Brand Architecture and Environmental Design.

Adapting from ancient copperplates, henna designs and the red coral that is native to The Maldives, we designed an elegant, all encompassing logo featuring the “L” for Loama. We provided design for the essentials: from the business card, to the letterhead, to the engraved room keys. Offering a truly relaxing, luxurious experience at this 5-star resort, we developed a selection of restaurant and café concepts, presenting an exciting variety to tantalise the guests’ taste buds.

Total Brand Integration

Strategy + Planning + Advertising + Environmental + Digital

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