The Porter Hotel

It’s Business Unusual
in Indonesia

Unique Business Hotel Chain

Splendidly crafted to attract and gather business leaders, plutocrats and dignitaries from all over the globe, The Porter Hotel provides first-rate services that will certainly spark major interest from MICE Tourism in Indonesia when it begins operation in 2016.

Professionalism With a Personal Touch

Today’s savvy business travellers are looking beyond lavish suites. That’s why we conceived Indonesian chain The Porter Hotel to put the pleasure back into travel. Convergence, Connectivity and Consistency are the 3 key elements that underscore the key offerings of the design-led, technology-driven, cutting-edge hotel.

Combining both attentive service and sophisticated style, The Porter Hotel is committed to making the business traveller’s stay pleasant and effortless.

The Porter Brand Marque

With the brand personality in mind, The Porter Hotel’s mascot is a French Bulldog with a striking red tie, which suggests a professional demeanour that’s nonetheless brimming with personality.


Covering the classical branding strategies such as Brand DNA, Brand Architecture, Corporate Identity and Ads, we also further expounded this in their Environmental Design, Uniforms and Product Design. Completing the package, we provided digital content in the form of a striking website with responsive design.

Total Brand Integration

Strategy + Planning + Advertising + Environmental + Digital

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