WOLO Bukit Bintang

Boutique Hotel

We Won’t Let You Miss A Beat

WOLO Bukit Bintang puts guests at the epicentre of Kuala Lumpur’s vibrancy and excitement, all while combining the fundamentals of hospitality and socially-engaging spaces. A space bursting with exuberance, energy and Malaysian artistry, WOLO’s interior complements the bustling city right at its doorstep.

Genuine, Responsive, Social

In total brand integration, we must ensure that WOLO’s brand identity was consistent in all aspects. Aesthetically, the boutique hotel is a landscape of playful creativity. We also introduced WOLO’s brand philosophy: to deliver genuine care, to be responsive, and to create engaging social spaces for guests.

Happy Living at the Heart of Everything

Built upon a set of guiding principles called the WOLO 5 Pillars (Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture), WOLO brings together a fine selection of ideas by combining the fundamentals of hospitality with dynamic, socially-engaging spaces. The 138-room hotel built over fourteen storeys is an expression of contemporary artistry, with a fusion of architectural styles.

Additionally, the hotel has launched a highly-selective Artist Residency programme to attract contemporary artists from around the world and inspire them to create culturally significant work. It is also home to The Stage, an open creative space that provides local talent with a platform to showcase their artistry.

Set on the second floor, the one of a kind lobby embraces the avant-garde with lighting in the shape of floating clouds and quirky artistic artefacts. Breaking away from the traditional breakfast lounge, the hotel is integrated with the French-inspired Korean bakery, Tous les Jours. The Wine & Cigar Lounge serves top quality hand-picked wines and whiskies with live music, with plans to extend F&B services to the penthouse.


We took advantage of WOLO’s zesty spirit, channelling it through Brand DNA, Environmental Design, as well as Traditional and Social Media presence. Guests are instantly greeted at the eye-catching lobby, which is decked out with a Golden Origami Trojan Horse and a feature wall hand-crafted completely from recycled materials.

Elsewhere, the hotel is a smorgasbord of “old war” details, including marble staircases, contemporary wall mouldings, polished patterned hardwood floors, matched with vintage furniture in playful patterns and textures.

The Stage for Local and International Artists

Sculpture, installation, performance art. Audience interaction. Artists in residence. Personal and group histories. Photography. Independent art. Bringing different art forms together by various artists, we provided PR, Q&A sessions with the media and social media content for happenings at The Stage. Selected exhibitions also featured workshops, so that the public could immerse themselves in art.


Covering the classical branding strategies such as Brand DNA, Brand Architecture, Corporate Identity and Ads, we also further expounded this in their Environmental Design, Uniforms and Product Design. Completing the package, we provided digital content in the form of a striking website with responsive design.

Total Brand Integration

Strategy + Planning + Advertising + PR + Activation + Environmental + Digital

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