Kenny Hills

We take pride in the unique
craftsmanship - it’s elegant
and it’s flashy.


Every detail catches our eye. Every nuance evokes an emotional response. Every angle reveals something new. That is Kenny Hills Grandé, a development that grows with Kenny Hills’s natural heritage. Few words can describe it in all its grandeur. For us, it is simply a masterpiece.

The Logo

The resulting logo is a “frame” that captures the essence and focus of the various elements that make up Kenny Hills Grandé - the architect, the future, preservation and unique design. The frame serves as the visual stage to present the six keys.


The signed wording for Grandé portrays the mansion as a signature design from a world renowned architect.The relationship between the logo’s element and the signed wording are free to be used across applications, creating a truly dynamic identity. The repetition of this recognisable form allows consistency while remaining appropriate to this luxurious set of mansions.

Total Brand Integration

Strategy + Planning + Advertising + Environmental + Digital

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