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HerbaLine Facial Spa is a botanical-based skincare and facial spa brand that combines professional and unique facial techniques and treatments in a spa environment. Clientele are not pressured to commit to packages, just a natural, revitalising experience.

Planning Holistically, From Start to Finish

We had a particular direction in mind when developing the HerbaLine Facial Spa brand: a neighbourhood, high-quality facial spa experience at affordable prices, with no pressure to commit to plans or packages. The result? A brand identity that is warm and welcoming, value for money, and located in suburban neighbourhoods.

A Facial Spa Journey

Long-lasting beauty can only be achieved through complete relaxation of the body and mind, allowing skin to rest and regain its natural vigour. To achieve what we promise, HerbaLine Facial Spa’s sincere, gracious, and professional attributes are sure to provide a unique facial spa experience.


Bearing accessibility in mind, we ensured that HerbaLine Facial Spa’s Brand Identity is straight-to-the-point, yet aesthetically pleasing. This is applied to all graphic elements, whether online (website and social media) or offline (printed posters). How did we activate the brand and generate buzz? The HerbaLine Ambassador Search was a campaign that showcased current customers to be the best proof of HerbaLine Facial Spa’s treatments. Using a softer approach, we targeted youths, especially college students, with the Be Youtiful campaign. College students not only have one of the highest disposable incomes within their age range, but early adoption of HerbaLine Facial Spa will increase the likelihood of them becoming life-long supporters.


True to complete brand integration, we developed a through-and-through brand DNA comprising its identity, attitude, tagline and positioning. Digital strategies and campaigns have also been executed, creatively harnessing HerbaLine’s current and prospective clients through campaigns such as “Ambassador Search” and “Be Youtiful”.

Total Brand Integration

Strategy + Activation + Planning + Advertising + PR + Environmental + Digital

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