Mama Kim

Wholesome Meals, Uncompromised Flavour

A Taste of Home

They say that a mother’s love is immeasurable, and Mama Kim proves this true. With the love for her family combined with her fiery passion for cooking, Mama Kim is a local café for all, offering healthy, wholesome meals that are tasty, nourishing, and reminiscent of home.

Sincerity from Our Kitchen to Your Plate

Offering a menu of delicious meals, such as their signature dish, Sauna Mee, your craving for home-style cooking will surely be satisfied. Mama Kim serves delicious food using only the freshest, locally-sourced produce for your body’s benefit, and your tastebuds’ enjoyment.


Emphasizing “Where Healthy is Yummy”, our execution of Mama Kim’s brand identity is one that is filled with vibrant colours that alludes to fresh ingredients, and clean, cursive typography that is homely, yet modern. This is replicated across the café’s environmental design, and staff’s name cards.

Total Brand Integration

Strategy + Activation + Planning + Advertising + PR + Environmental + Digital

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